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Engineered OA raised floor


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  • Engineered OA raised floor

    Engineered OA raised floor consists of laminated cover, steel panel and understructure system.

    The laminated cover can be strong anti-wearing and conductive PVC or HPL tile. Various designs are available for laminated covers to offer beautiful look.z

    The panel is made up of cold-rolled steel sheets and the foamed cements in the cavity of the panel. The surface of the top steel sheet has been phosphorated and coated with epoxy powder. Then the sheets are punched and spot welded to contain the foamed cement. Cable tanks are on the double sides of the panel for the purpose of convenient wire and nice look. The 4 sides of the panel are trimmed with black PVC strips.
    There are 3 types of understructure systems: 1. stringer bolt understructure system; 2. corner-lock freestanding understructure system; 3. snap-on understructure system. The systems are mainly made up of bolt, shock absorbing and pedestal.

    Engineered OA raised floor is mainly used in hospital, large computer room, electrical control room, high grade classroom, communication center, electrical control room, telecommunication center, etc.
    Its main parameters are as follows:
    Panel size: 500*500*27mm, 600*600*30mm
    Concentrated load grades 650lbs, 750lbs, 1,050lbs,
    1,200lbs, 1,550lbs, 2,000lbs, 2,500lbs
    Pedestal height: 60-420mm