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tried to fix dent in hardwoord floor


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  • tried to fix dent in hardwoord floor

    I had a small dent in my light colored hardwoord floor. I was able to steam it out almost completey, however, now it is a bit uneven and discolored and was wonder if anyone had suggestions for fixing it to make it less noticeable. It is about the size of a dime or smaller. I attached a pic for you to see. I appreciate your replies and advice. thanks

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    The darker color is called "caramelized" it happens when you super heat the wood with moisture (steam). Problem is once you've done that other than sanding through it you cannot remove it. Sanding it out would in itself be very problematic.
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      You are probably better off leaving it alone. Perhaps you could touch it up with an artists brush and some oil base paint so it isn't so noticable. You'll have to play around with it till you get it right, but it won't be perfect again until you refinish the floors.

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