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Saltillo Problem


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  • Saltillo Problem

    This job is really outside, on a partially covered lanai, but none of the outdoor project topics seemed to fit.

    I asked a floor person who had done a very nice job installing hardwood floors in my house if he could install concrete pavers on my lanai. He suggested saltillo instead, and I liked the idea, so I had him go ahead. It looked very nice until he applied an oil-based sealer, which left an awful looking glittery residue on parts of some of the tiles. He went to Lowe's and bought something (he told me what it was, but I'm afraid I've forgotten) and wiped it all over it, improving it a little, but it still looks pretty bad where it reflects the light. He plans to apply another coat of sealer, diluted with whatever he bought at Lowe's. I don't have high hopes for the result.

    In the course of the job a pvc pipe on the lanai separated, spewing reclaimed water over many of the tiles that he had already laid, and he claims that the minerals in the reclaimed water are the cause of the problem. Admittedly, the subsequently laid tiles look better, but they're glittery along the edges where he put in the grout.

    Am I going to have to live with this mess, or can something be done?