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Ceramic floor tile and floor heat....


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  • Ceramic floor tile and floor heat....

    The bathroom floor has hydronic floor heat. Four 1/2 pex between the floor joists the entire room length. The floor heat is used only in the winter time and is close to around 100*'s. Sounds like it would be too hot, but it's not. None cold weather we do not use the wood stove, thus, no floor heat. And it then goes as low as maybe 60*'s. Sounds cold, but it's not.
    Presently, after rebuilding the floor with double criss-crossed 3/4 ply, leveled, screwed and glued to the floor joists, I covered it with luan and laid down wife's choice of stickey-back floor tile. It looked GREAT! But then, the change of temps was enough to mess it all up. The c of e was so great that the floor tile is all messed up.
    The plan now is to lay down some cement backer board and lay ceramic tile on that. The difference of expansion between the two (so far what I have found...) is about 3:1. But it's so extremely little, that it's about .002" over ten feet.
    Should I let the backer board float over the ply subfloor?
    Any other suggestions?