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Make blower turn off during power alert


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  • Make blower turn off during power alert

    I'm on a Southern California Edison summer discount plan. They install a box on your A/C condensor so they can remotely turn off the A/C condenser during high power use events. Trouble is the blower continues to run unless you are home and can manually turn it off otherwise it keeps blowing hot air through the house. Edison said to install a smart switch where the furnace power cord plugs into the wall duplex socket then turn it off remotely with a phone app. Some sites say that's a bad idea. Has anyone got a work around for this meaning something that will turn off the blower if I'm not home.

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    The problem with that is that it will cut the power, so that next time the air turns on the fan won't. Sounds like a lot to manage, is that better than having hot air blowing?