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  • Model 441

    well it's that time of the year in the Yukon again! I have a 441, not sure of the age. Has been working fine. came home yesterday to find it shut down and flashing. Restarted it and it seemed to start fine. When the status lights were lit fully it produced what seemed to be way too much heat to the point of smelling that "too hot metal smell" it then shut down. Any thoughts?

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    Going for the quick 5. did I mention the nearest monitor dealer/repair is 500 kms away!


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      This would be 3


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        Ah nursing and monitor repair, so similar.


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          Did I mention it's cold.


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            the hot metal smell is the combustion pot overheating. the two high temp limits under the cover, right side, tripped out - as its supposed to do. Now to nail down the problem. first thing to check is the combustion blower. If it starts and sounds like a jet engine winding out, your bearings are dry and on the way out. The bearings have an 8mm bore - number 608Z sealed bearings. next to look at is when the heater shifts into high heat, does the flapper type damper open? only way you'll see this is with the blower out of the unit. don't know why they did it but they did. apply 120 volts to the solenoid and see if it retracts. there are no further adjustments to it. it's either open or closed.
            fuel to the heater is #1 kerosene. diesel oil, #2 fuel oil or biodesiel will not work! fuel sump must be clean or the lockouts will gum up. fuel filter below the sump must be clean.


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              Thanks HayZee. Last year it was the 21 in my workshop this year the house. I'll check out what you suggested and let you know. If your ever in the Yukon and need medical assistance I'm your man!