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Am Standard Ventaway leak

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  • Am Standard Ventaway leak

    I have an old American Standard Model 2002. The plunger never shut off so I replaced it (and the seat). Still leaked, so I sought advice from my neighbor 'plumber'. He advised me that it was leaking into tank through one of the 3 pipes that went to the bowl from the tank. I sealed them with 3M 5200 (very cool stuff) and also replaced the flapper.

    I still have a very small leak (I put food dye into tank and it very slowly leaks into bowl). Before I did all this, I was able to jiggle the plunger and it would shut off (I did not ever wait to see if it started to leak again). Now that I did all this, jiggling does not really seem to help. But I'd almost think I might just have a defective plunger. Unlikely, and at 20 bucks a pop, I'm not so anxious to just get another.

    There's also those 3 pipes that go into bowl from tank. I don't know their functions; are there valves connected to those pipes that might need attention.

    When i say it leaks, the plunger never shuts off the water flow. I use the dye test to show its going into bowl, but the leak that is bad is the water never stops flowing. I can (and have)play withthe float all day long.

    Any thoughts other than the obvious of getting a new toilet?
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    Well my first thought would be to replace the toilet as well...

    You can order the Vent-Away parts at the link below, but I'm sure that when you look at all the parts needed and the price your emotional attachment to the toilet will end.

    American Standard Roma Toilet Repair Parts - Flappers, Valves, and more
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      No, even I'm not that stubborn to replace everything. I would have gone for a part if we could troubleshoot it to one part