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Kitchen Faucet Type=Fixed Faucet?


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  • Kitchen Faucet Type=Fixed Faucet?

    I'm shopping for kitchen faucets. I have a double sink. Does "Fixed Faucet" mean it will not swivel from sink to sink? On attachment see left hand list, 4th from the bottom.
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    "fixed faucet = fixed spout, means the exit pipe will not swivel from side to side.


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      Thanks HayZee518, is there a term they use for a swivel spout? I'm looking for a single handle faucet with side spray so that would be a 2 hole?
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        If you go to Lowe's, Home Depot any plumbing supply store or even mid sized hardware stores they will have dozens of faucets like your looking for, "fixed" faucets are kinda rare nowadays.
        Almost any kitchen faucet will be a pivot type. Many will show a picture with a long base plate, in most cases this is optional and meant to cover older 4 hole installations.

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