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Shower Faucet Handle Trouble


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  • Shower Faucet Handle Trouble

    I recently put a replacement faucet handle in our shower. This morning it was very loose and I could not get it to grip and so I could control water temperature and turning the water on and off. I tried taking it off and putting it back on again, and now when I screw the screw in to attach the handle it turns the water on. What am I doing wrong? Or is there a problem beyond the handle itself? Thanks!!

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    I'm assuming the screw is in the very end of the handle in the middle, if so hold the handle while you tighten the screw, this should enable you to tighten the screw down firmly (not to tight). Often the new screws (if they supplied you one) will have a little blue (sometimes red) dot on the side of the thread, this is a form of lock tight that helps stop the screw backing out, if you continue to have the same problem you can buy "Loctite for threads" at most big hardware stores or any auto store.
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      I will give that a try. One other kind of silly question.... should the washer go between the screwhead and the handle or between the handle and the plumbing apparatus?


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        between the screw head and the handle.


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          Still having trouble. I will pick up some Loctite.