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  • Water filtration....

    I'd like to put in place a set of three whole house water filters. I'd like to put in a 30 micron to a 5 micron to a taste and odor filter. I can only find filters with 3/4" inlet/outlet. Are there any that have one inch ports?

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    Yes there are Bob, but don't waste your money. First of all, the only one that will take anything out that matters is the carbon filter and it is good for some taste and some odor. It will also remove a lot of known heavy metals but only in a limited amount depending on the speed with which the water is being passed through them. The real filters for homes start out with a 9" X 48" tank and goes up from there. These filters are softeners, iron filters, carbon filters and a few other specialty filters. They all have heads that backwash and the tanks are large enough to insure a slow rate of flow through them.


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      Thanks Speedbump. The system is: Well to a tee that branches to the pressure tank and to the softener. There is a bypass to the softener, which is in place for now. Then on to the rest of the house. so, you're opinion that the little bit of grit that may be in the water would not be an issue for either the softener or the bladder tank? Incidentally, this new pump/well setup is putting out such a volume and pressure (which is strange...) that it has upset the standing crud that was in the water lines from the old well. Could it be because of the increase in volume? According to the pressure gauge it's all the same. One fitting at the old well, an elbow, was about 40% clogged. I'm sure the old well was slugging stuff other than water! Flushing the entire system is a chore today. Next will be decontamination.


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        Unless your well is pumping sand, what little bit of sediment that comes from the well will be of no consequence. The water softener makes a far better filter than any of those little in line filters. It will catch any little pieces that come through. Most of the gunk your seeing now is coming off your plumbing. All your pipes resemble that elbow you described. When you turn a pump off and let the pressure go down to zero then turn it back on again, it will shake things up knocking particles off the pipes. Those particles have built up over the years from minerals in the water. You could save them and sell them as mineral supplements.


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          Ha! I may have to use some myself!! Thanks for your help Speedbump.....