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  • Pressure drop....

    As told in other threads, a new well system was recently installed. All was well for awhile. A couple weeks the pressure drops to almost zero when the pump kicks in. Regulator is set at 60/40 and tank pressure is at 38. As soon as the regulator clicks, and the pump starts to activate, the pressure gauge then IMMEDIATELY drops to almost zero. Maybe 5 or 2 psi. And, just as quick, the pressure is back at 40 with a steady rise to 60. I want to verify the tank bladder first. Can I zero out the water pressure, then zero out any air, then kick the pump on without blowing the bladder? If it's already cracked I expect water to come out. I suspect this would not ruin an otherwise good bladder, but want to first check here. No water should come out if the bladder is good. Is this a good plan?

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    the bladder is in the top section of the pressure tank. Then, idealy air is all that should come out of the top of the tank. remove the schrader valve. a regular tire tube valve remover will work. if water comes out, the bladder is shot.


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      From what your explaining, your air pressure is almost the same as the turn on pressure of the pump. When the pump is ready to kick on, the bladder hits the bottom of the tank which means there is no more water to push out. So your house pressure goes from 40 when there was water in the tank to zero when the tank is empty.

      Let about two to three pounds of air out of the tank and call me in the morning.


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        Thank you, Doctor. I feel much better now!