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Is a check valve needed?

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  • Is a check valve needed?

    Before I bury the well-to-house line I'd like to tap a line of to feed a hydrant in the garden that's about 40/50 feet away from that line. Should I put a check valve in that tap? If so, where would it be best to locate it? Near the hydrant or near the main line?

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    You don't need a check valve. You might want to install a shut off valve so you can work on the hydrant without turning off the entire house.


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      That's a good idea. Put it near the tap or near the hydrant? I did put a gate valve right beside the well casing. Manufactured a handle extension for that and encased it in a four foot length of pvc with a hole in the cap. Slipped a steel pipe over it for protection from dinging. This new valve, if it were near the tap off, would be pretty much in an exposed area. Unless it's below grade or encased in a large diameter steel pipe that could not get dinged. Makes for uncomfortable mowing....


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        A hydrant with a vacuum breaker would prevent draw back in case of line pressure drop, as in many plumbing codes for municipal water systems, but not usually required in home owner well systems, because they have no liability involved,


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          Thanks, Mick....