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  • Out side hydrant....

    I have a hydrant that will be used in the garden when I bury the main water line. I did a test on it today and found there is only a small amount of water coming out. After dismantling the entire unit I find the obstruction is in the bottom, around the seat. The only nomenclature on the unit is P 10 on the top end. I see there is a rubber 'grommet' looking item that could be the valve seat. Does that rubber piece come out? Should that be attached to the moveable stem? There are no springs in this unit. Where can I find a diagram of something like this?

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    The seal is usually attached to the stem, Google "frost free hydrant" and look in "images" not "web" plenty of exploded views


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      Thanks, Mick. That's exactly what I needed. The stem came out nice, but the rubber seal was left in the lower cavity! After gently easing it out I found it was in perfect condition, so I reinstalled it on the rod end, lubed it with plumber's lube and reinserted in a cleaned out cavity. It works quite nicely now! Thanks again....