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Water softener replacement....

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  • Water softener replacement....

    I do believe the power head unit is compromised. Some rust and corrosion where it should not be. I would like to go with a different brand. Not familiar with softener brands. What are some relatively good ones? I don't need a super-duper model, just something that will do the job for us. Will I need to replace the resin tank also? Will the brine tank also have to be replaced?

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    No, you wouldn't have to replace anything but the head and probably the media. I like Clack the best. They are the new kid on the block, but are superior to all the others. They are not proprietary like Culligan, Kinetico and some others. Every softener guy in the US can buy them and get parts if needed. Problem is, they have a policy where they won't let their distributors drop ship their products for dealers so I couldn't send you one without first buying it then sending it myself. the shipping would get too high. The next brand in line is the Fleck. The Fleck 5600 with the meter is a very good head. As for the resin, it is all pretty much the same. It all works the same way, (ion exchange).


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      I vote for Clack also, that's a great brand and trustful.


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        Are the power heads interchangeable with the resin tanks? Can I adapt something other than the Culligan power head to the existing resin tank?


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          Culligan is proprietary and the head on their tank will probably only fit their tank. The non proprietary tank uses a 2-1/2" standard thread that most heads will screw into.


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            It's been awhile. The water from the new well isn't bad at all. BUt I have been getting 'complaints' lately. Ordered a Fleck with metered head. Finally!