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  • Toilet Replacement

    I would like to replace the toilet in the master bathroom of my manufactured home with one of the 16" high toilets..but I have a question / problem first.. The existing toilet is a "Cisa" brand ceramic toilet that was made for Mfg Homes. The toilet base although sitting on the wood subfloor, it is surrounded by wall to wall carpeting.. My question is this?? I have been unable to find "Cisa" brand toilets anywhere and the reason I am looking for one is I want a new toilet with the same footprint as the one to be removed without having to recarpet the entire bathroom afterwords,, I have been to the Big Box stores and I see nothing available that has a similar footprint in size / shape.. Before I purchase a toilet with a larger footprint so I can cut out / enlarge the existing carpet outline to match it.. I am fishing for other options / ideas..

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    Can you contact the home manufacturer? They may be able to give you a lead.


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      Kohler seems tohave the same or larger footprint.