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Water booster question

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  • Water booster question

    I have an oil-fired burner that supplies plenty of hot water for sink use and showers. The trouble starts when you draw a bath. The higher demand for a bath is too much and the water gets cold fast. I'd like to install a hot water booster but I'm not exactly sure how to do it. Does anyone have a diagram on the piping and electrical connections? I consider myself an above average DIY'er so I'm sure I can tackle if given proper direction.

    Many thanks!!

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    the booster is nothing more than an on demand hot water heater. there is a flow switch inline with the water flow. Turn the water on the heater turns on. It is an immersion heater in a tank - a very small tank I might include. Two directions water in and water out. Unit can be 120 volt or 240 volt.


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      I was thinking of the boosters that act more like a reservoir than one that does the actual heating. From what I understand, the existing oil burner heats the water that the booster will hold for on-demand use. As the water in the booster cools, it cycles it back to the oil burner to re-heat.


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        lazypup would be a better person for this question. trouble is I haven't seen him online for over a week.