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Ceramic sink repair


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  • Ceramic sink repair

    Okay, here is what happened. I am trying to cook rice, so I put it in the only pot big enough -- a steel pot with ceramic coating. Long story short, I have a friend hovering over me telling me what to do (even though I've cooked rice a hundred times), and of course all that annoyance blows straight out of my mind to set the rice to simmer. Rice burns, I put the pot on the sink after emptying what rice I can, but again -- constantly talking and telling me the obvious to the point where both of us didn't stop me from doing the obviously stupid:

    putting the still really hot pot in the sink. Cut to today and the white ceramic sink now has spider line cracks formed and a black stain around where the pot had been. He tells me eventually the water will get in the cracks and the steel underneath the ceramic will rust and eventually destroy the whole sink.

    So, I need to fix this, but I don't have a job with money coming in. I do have a little savings, so I can do a repair if there is such a thing.

    I Googled and found you can go to hardware stors and buy ceramic repair kits, but I am wanting to know:

    Anyone done this before and can tell me what I need to do and know before attempting such an effort? Is there something I need to do to get the water out of the cracks? What kit is recommended? So forth. I am out of my league here.

    Please help. This happened yesterday, so today is the first day; I don't know how long it will take for the rust and decay to happen.

    (and for you folks out there that cant' stop bothering people while they are doing somethging they already know how to do: stop it)

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    Its not too hard tbh it all depends on where the crack / area of repair is the repair kits are pretty much straight forward there are some very helpful video's and tutorials on YouTube(ye it sounds stupid but YouTube is actually one of the best sites on the internet IMO) which is what i always refer to if I’m in need of emergency help at no cost just search Ceramic sink repair on YouTube comes up with many results. your local hardware store would be best place to go and acquire a kit the people in there could also point you in the right direction if YouTube is no help, sorry couldn’t be of any more assistance