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Toilet Seat Issue


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  • Toilet Seat Issue

    My daughter keeps standing on the toilet seat and breaking the hinges. It is a plastic Kohler. Is there another option so the plastic hinges don't break so easily?
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    Hi, welcome to the forum. There are lots of durable toilet seats out there? Make sure to pay attention to the hinges and the material they are made from. Perhaps a wooden toilet seat might have better hinges.

    Of course, standing on a toilet seat is dangerous, perhaps you should put whatever she is trying to reach closer to the ground :-)


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      Any durable toilet sat with metal hinges should be secure and safe under NORMAL conditions. They are not designed to be used for standing on, and I must emphasize JimmyMechanic's reply, and and echo the same advice. Most certainly you understand that and are focused on the result of your daughter getting up on the seat. All children are curious, and don't we all know that. Could tell you stories about my children when they were toddlers, always something I had not thought of, they did!


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        Good advice! Makes the term “kid proofing” a house take on a whole different meaning!