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office above garage. The floor is not insulated. Would it help to insulate


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  • office above garage. The floor is not insulated. Would it help to insulate

    I have an office built above my garage. It the summer ( we live in northern alabama. Summer days are in the 90s)
    I have included a picture.
    The office space is all enclosed and insulated. But as you can see from the picture the floor in not insulated.
    I am thinking that if I insulated this it may help.
    I am wonder if the group thinks it would, and also and I waisting my time and money insulating the floor and not the garage walls?

    Also what is the best way to do this?
    Do i just get the firberclass bats and put them up there and how do i keep them up there.

    Thanks for any insight and help

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    If I were you I'd check first with your building department. I know in Massachusetts, any living or working space above a garage needs a barrier of three inches of concrete. Insulation wouldn't hurt.


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      Insulation will most definitely help, install R19 unfaced into the joist spaces, hold it up there with insulation wires (16" lengths of wire you push into the cavity, they arch slightly to hold in place) available in the same section as the insulation at Lowe's or HD.
      Unless the garage below is heated or cooled there is no benefit in insulating the garage walls, insulation of the ceiling/office floor will stop heat rising up into the above office.
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