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    The situation is for an existing concrete porch cap with three ready-made cement steps. The plan is to cap the porch (about 5 x 4 feet) with wood decking and build wood stairs. The reason is the 'crete steps deteriorate in two years. No salt is used on them. But, the plan is to build four steps instead to aid elderly legs. So, can I just lay 2x12 decking on the crete? I want to surround the porch with 2x6 so as to be flush with the top and nail the 2x12 to them. Then put a 1x6 trim cap all around and do other 'finishing' schemes. The steps will have less than normal rise for reason stated. The concern is direct contact of decking on the 'crete. Should I put down some type of barrier?

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    use a pressure treated product as water will be just sitting there between the slab and the deck. normal step rise is 7 inches


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      Thanks, HayZee. The rise will end up being less than the proper 7", but that will be a good thing for her. I'll go with the pressure treated wood.