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Painting a Corilon sink


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  • Painting a Corilon sink

    The Corilon (sp?) sink and countertop in a bathroom has discolored with age and my wife no longer likes the color. Before I toss it out ... can I paint it? What kind of paint, application? Even if it would require repainting in a few months, it might still be worthwhile. I'd appreciate any advice. .... wdc

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    Two part epoxy will work.


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      HayZee: Thanks. I have bought an epoxy kit by Klenk and will try it soon.


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        I read where you had the guy use 2-part epoxy to paint his sink. I am a new diy as far as getting proper advise and doing a project well. i am purchasing a 25 yr. old home with 80's style formica counters and the uniqueness of the design would be lost if I replaced so could you please advise if I can simply scuff up the counters and paint them? if so how do I, what do I use, and how long willl the finish last? your help is greatly appreciated.. thanks tcardella



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          Sorry, but I can't give you any real exxperience. I <bought> the epoxy paint but havn't yet tried it. Good luck. ...wdc


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            I do not like paint on either a sink or a kitchen counter. Both are subject to too much wear and tear. The epoxy products are quite good, though. You will have to be careful what you clean with; they are not as hard as porcelain or formica. I would look at this as a 2 to 4 year stop-gap. Eventually, you will need to replace the whole thing.

            Regarding the lav sink, it is probably NOT Corian. If it is, Corian can be sanded and polished with a series of fine grit buffing pads, to a like new condition. The material is solid all the way through, so there is no loss of color or pattern. However, as I said, more likely this is cultured marble. The finish is only on the surface, so it cannot be sanded and buffed. If the top and sink is a one piece molded item and is stock size ( 25", 31", 37" etc) they are quite inexpensive and easy to replace.


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              PS: If you are going to do the epoxy job, get Mom and the kids out of the house, and wear a respirator which is NIOSH approved for organic vapors. This is bad stuff while it is curing. The respirators can be purchase at the Depots. It is not the cheap dust filter. Expect to spring around $50.