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Doorknob Question: HELP!


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  • Doorknob Question: HELP!

    Hello all!

    I am an extremely inexperienced young man who has no talent or knowledge at all with home repair.

    One thing however that I need to do in the next week or two is repair a doorknob from my bedroom door that has fell out and off the face of the Earth.

    I want to, rather I NEED to, replace this doorknob and with a lock from the outside (so that I can lock my room when I leave with a key). Some things however confuse me.
    For one: look at the doorknob area itself-the previous doorknob only needed a one by four inch slit to fit through, and not the whole door knob circumfrence to fit in, as you can see by the imprint of the previous doorknob in these pictures.

    What I would like to know is:
    -Is it possible to find a doorknob with a lock on the outside that could work on this door?
    -How much would it cost and what should I buy (where as well)?
    -Any good online explanations of how to do it (it seems simple enough though)?

    Here are some pictures:

    (Ignore the junk foot back there...)

    I'd love if anybody could help. Thanks!

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    (by the way) although that last photo makes it look weird, this door is a regular door and isn't at some weird angle...


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      It'll be really tuff to find an old replacement knob for that door, maybe at an older locksmith type store or even an Ace or True Value hardware store. Otherwise you'll need to install a modern day door knob.

      To do this you'll need to use a hole saw in a drill to drill the proper sized diameter hole (the new knob will tell you the size required). But since you already have a hole in the door you'll need to clamp a thin piece of wood to both sides of the door first so the hole saws arbor has someplace to start. You'll need to properly measure to know the center of the hole. Or instead of a hole saw you could use a rotozip to enlarge the existing hole and use a door edge cover plate under the new knob to cover up any goof you make.

      The link below will tell you how to do the job from scratch. And one other alternative is to cover up the existing hole with a screwed on metal plate and do a completly new install just below it.


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        A standard lockset will fit the existing holes with no problem.

        The only problem I see is the idea of putting a keyed lock on that door. Most Fire Codes prohibit installing a Keyed lock on an interior door in a residential structure.


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          If you don't know how to replace a door knob, you better just pack it in now. I learned how to do that when I was about 7 years old. I'm basically the best at home repair.


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            Amateur hour


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              A standard passage lockset will apply in this situation. The lock part goes outside while the turn knob goes inside. Schlage or Quickset will fit - cost about 20 bucks.


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                Your first reply is probably the best. the hole saw size will 2 1/8" and the standard bacset for home is 2 3/8". Most all mfg. use these as standard now.