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How to replace pocket door with REAL door?


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  • How to replace pocket door with REAL door?

    Hey everyone, I need help here because I have a house that has this useless pocket door going to the master bedroom and I would like to put a real hinged door with a lock on it in it's place. Here are a few pictures, the measurements are 30 wide by 80 high as for the door jam.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    the pocket door slides on a set of rails inside the wall. to remove the door un-hitch the door off the rails. you'll need to remove or at best cut the rails off inside the wall and overhead where exposed. remove the door casings on both sides of the pocket. use a 2X4 or whatever dimension you find doubled up and nail it into the floor and the top plate. where you removed the rail, you'll need a pine trim board. basically it is just remove, form a door rough in, hang the door level and plumb and fasten the new door and its casing.