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drafty baseboards


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  • drafty baseboards

    I currently am renting an apartment which is one half of an older house. It's a bit drafty to put it mildly... I sealed the doors, put plastic & drapes on the windows, put those insulating inserts around the outlets...thought I had done pretty well. Unfortunately now that it's rather cold out, I've noticed a bit of a draft coming from the baseboards along the carpet. Any suggestions as what I can do about this? I realize I may have to suffer through this winter until it's warmer, but I'd like to figure this out...
    Both temporary and more permanenet solutions are welcome!


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    they make some kind of long "socks" that you can place where you want to contain no airflow


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      he, he, I love those door snakes, as a kid we had one that had a snakes head and tongue on it, worked well on the drafty front door until the dog took a fancy to it. (insert music ....."memories"..).

      Long term fix would be to pull back the carpet and fill the void under the baseboards with caulk, being careful of the tack strips, then re install the carpet.
      The problem really is though where the air is coming from, just sealing the baseboards doesn't eliminate the cold air "in" the wall. Is the cold coming up from plumbing or electrical holes in the wall or dropping down from an attic, is the problematic wall an outside wall or an internal ?
      Best fix would obviously be insulation in the walls.
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