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Faucet end tile in tub enclosure....


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  • Faucet end tile in tub enclosure....

    The bottom row of tiles came free of the wall where it meets the tub. That wall has a nice setup (almost) where there are extra pulsating nozzles at waist height. They are a bit too high. Although directionally adjustable, not enough. I want to lower them by four inches, one tile's worth. that section of wall is pretty sturdy, so my plan is to cut that portion free, including the plumbing in back (easy to access) and lower it those four inches. Then fill in the new space at the top using the tiles from the bottom.
    So...I have two questions:
    1st: How might I cut along the grout line without damaging the tile edges? They are pretty close to each other. Not the normal spacing at all....
    I do have one of those vibrating 'saws' with a diamond cutter that can easily make it through the grout. Use that?
    2nd: How do I remove the mastic/glue from the tiles without damaging the tiles? Heat gun and scraper?

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    Could you get a few matching replacement tiles? i always seem to end up with a few from each project in the basement. Otherwise that saw (carefully) is your best bet I suppose.


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      Don't need new tiles, Andy. I have all that are supposed to be there. What I want is to rearrange the outlay. Was wondering about removing the mastic on the back and cutting the extremely thin grout line without damaging the tile.