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painting interior brick to look chalky


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  • painting interior brick to look chalky

    hi guys!!!
    i am trying to paint and old brick interior, of 900 sq feet to a warm, chalky or more brick like chalk like texture. i was told that acrylic paint mixed with something that sounded like "cyme" was the way to go. i plan on putting on a clear masonry sealer, then because the brick is quite uneven, old and dark, put on a velvety warm wash on it. any advice/ suggestions?



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    Hi Kristen,
    My expertise is stenciling, but I know from reading other forums on here there are several that pertain to what you're asking, so if no one can help here, keep on reading! Good Luck!


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      Try "THOROSEAL" it is a cement based concrete sealer paint. It is available in colors. It may provide you with a one coat finish you desire or a suitable base for a different kind of paint to get the results you want.


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        OH! What you need to get is lime paint. It feels chalky and can be tinted to earth-toned colors (i.e. brick or terra cotta) You don't need to seal it when you are done if you want it to continue to "chalk out" naturally. It's a beautiful and natural look, and it's not really "faux painting" because it's the "real McCoy".

        Go to and look up a dealer in your area for the lime paint.



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          DEFY Acrylic Waterproofing Sealer will improve the adhesion of acrylic latex paint over chalky surfaces. DEFY Acrylic Waterproofing Sealer can be added to acrylic latex paint to improve adhesion over chalky surfaces. Acrylic Waterproofing Sealer is excellent for use over smooth, dense brick or concrete vertical surfaces to help insure a watertight finish. In addition to sealing masonry surfaces, this acrylic brick sealer will also add a beautiful satin sheen to interior brick walls, making them both attractive and washable. It can also be used over smooth vertical concrete or fired brick.


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            I would seal it up with a latex paint. Then go over it with an interior paint. One with no gloss works best. Really if you select the right colors it will look chalky. To me adding gray or pastel colors works best.