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What could this smell be from our walls?


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  • What could this smell be from our walls?

    My husband and I live in a studio apartment on the ground floor. We recently had a subterranean termite infestation and it was treated with a wall treatment. Since the infestation(before the treatment) we have noticed a foul smell like wet dirt or soil coming from our walls. We had to be out of our apartment for a week while they were working on the electricity, and when we came back the smell was completely gone. After being back for two days though, the smell has come back. We're wondering if maybe it has to do with the fact that we've been running the shower. We took off a lightswitch and found a lot of dirt in the hole in the wall. We're thinking maybe the smell is from all the digested wood/dirt the termites left behind? Is this a possibility, or is it mold? Would mold smell go away then come back?
    Also, we've contacted the landlord multiple times but he won't get back to us. The complex is rundown and he is basically a slumlord. Fortunately we only have two months left on our lease.

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    It could be very well termite casings [dead termites & eggs] termites need moisture to survive. they build mud tubes from the ground [in free air] as well as on any surface up and into the walls. the "dirt" you found is what's left of the dirt tubes. when your electricians were there they could have disturbed the tubes, but now that they've left, any present infestation has rebuilt those tubes. the landlord should have called ORKIN to clear those walls of termites.