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Prevening Decay on North Side Entry Door of Garage


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  • Prevening Decay on North Side Entry Door of Garage

    My garage has a pre-hung entry door on the north side of the garage. The lower portions of the door frame and threshold are rotted.

    I intend to repair the door frame, but, what are my options for preventing the wood from rotting?

    I know there is an additive that you can add to paint to help prevent mold. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    You have a couple of options:
    1. Replace a section at the bottom with new wood jams, threshold and brick mold and then wrap the jam and brick mold in aluminum with a good bead of caulk at the base.
    2. Replace the same sections with composite parts, you can buy composite jams, thresholds and brick mold. You will still have to caulk and paint naturally.
    3. Replace the entire door unit with a new one with composite jams, threshold and brick mold, they make them and they run about $280 - $300 with a fiberglass door, all you need to do is install, caulk and paint never have to worry about rot again.

    IMO your probably better off with option 3 for the long term, but if money is an issue then for around $60 and a few hours of your time option 1 without the aluminum wrap will buy you a few more years, only problem with not wrapping it is that there will be a couple of cut lines in the jam where you joined the new section , these tend to allow moisture in eventually.
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