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Removing old ceramic tile


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  • Removing old ceramic tile

    I have to remove the old ceramic tile in a bathroom. When I take off the old tiles, the original adhesive is old and very hard. I want to put tiles back on the wall, but I don't see a way to prepare the walls for the new tile. Is there as way to take off the old adhesive? Scraping is not going to cut it and sanding it will be a real nightmare. I am afraid that my only option is to redrywall the bathroom and this seems extreme, but the only real option. I figured I would check and see if someone has another suggestion.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I'd bet that the backing is probably old enough, and outdated enough, that retiling with new backing would be the easiest, fastest, and maybe cheapest way to go. I'd recommend covering that tub wall-to-wall with a 1/2" ply to protect it from the falling tile. After that, cut the drywall all along the tile edging. Then take it all down to the studs. This will give you a chance to insulate if it's on an outside wall, to use the proper backer board, and such. ($0.02)