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    I have done some reading at the library about drywall installation, so I know what the books say. What I'm looking for is some advice from the experienced. What should I be looking out for that the books didn't warn me about? What tips do you have that I might not have read?

    Also, a question about drywalling the ceiling:
    I put furring strips along the ceiling perpendicular to the ceiling joists, planning to nail up tiles. However, now I'm thinking about drywalling instead. Do you think furring strips, mostly nailed, will support the weight of the needed drywall, or should I tear them down and apply the dw directly to the joists?

    I tremendously appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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    Drywall Advice

    The biggest pitfall in finishing drywalling (for the DIYer) is sanding in between coats. This will quickly introduce waves into your surface which will cause you to sand even more. The end result will be a big mess and a poor finishing job. Instead, don't sand after each coat, but use your taping knife to knock down the surface flat. Your surface does not have to be perfect for the next coat, just flat. So if you have a drag mark, it will be coated in the next coat. Bumps or ridges, however, must be knocked off before the next coat or the next coat will not go on level. I only sand after all the coats are on, and then only lightly. For more tips on finishing drywall go to Drywall Finishing and Taping Joints For The Beginner - How to Drywall .

    With respect to your ceiling, if you are concerned about the strength of the furring strips, then simply get some longer screws that will go through furring strip and into the studs to help with the support. Make sure to mark/measure your studs off before putting the drywall up so you can easily find them. You will want either a drywall lift (you can rent one) or one or two T's made from a 2x4 with a flat board to hold up the drywall while you fasten. If you are doing this without a lift, you will want a friend or two preferably to help. Use 5/8 inch drywall for ceilings - it is code in many areas.
    Drywall Taping & Finishing For Beginners


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      Thanks very much for your help!


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        Uncommon drywall tips

        I have found that the books and the guys at the home improvement stores don't have all the answers. There are a few things that in my view are critcal to getting a good job when doing your own drywall work.

        First, cutting drywall properly will go a long way to making it easier to finish. Also, screws vs nails. And other uncommon ideas. This webpage talks about a number of these issues. Using Uncommon Drywall Techniques


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          I'm going to have some work done soon and I will tell you this. NOONE likes doing drywall.