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waterproofing ceiling


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  • waterproofing ceiling

    I've an apartment in the 2nd floor (of a 3 floor apartment building) where my ceiling is in a very poor conditions. Very often the paint that is applied on the ceiling keeps falling in the form of some kind of flakes. The ceiling feels also damp in certain areas.

    Although we've tried repainting and redoing the entire ceiling with white cement, but to no avail has it rectified it for long term. The issue keeps coming back within 3 months.

    How can this issue be resolved for a long term (or even permanent)? What is it that i need to use? Or could it because of the tilling that had been changed on the upper floor?

    My father heard of something known as GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer)... What about it, any good?... And can it used for a ceiling of my 2nd floor(i don't live on the apartment closest to the roof?...

    Kindly suggest something that would not require too much of movement of my belongings within the apartment.
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    find out what is causing the moisture problem otherwise anything put on the ceiling is gonna flake off.


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      To address your recurring ceiling issues start by fixing any water leaks and improving ventilation. For a long-lasting solution, consult a local Oakton VA roofing expert who can assess the problem and provide tailored recommendations. You can find more information on roof replacement in Oakton VA by visiting a reputable roofing company website..