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Temp load bearing wall question.


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  • Temp load bearing wall question.

    I'm going to be tearing out an external load bearing wall do to termite damage and my plan is to perform the repairs in 8' sections. My question is how far from external load bearing wall should the temporary support wall be built? The temporary wall will only be in place for about a day and will be constructed of 2x4s 16" center 8' long. My external load bearing walls are 2x6 16OC and the roof trusses are finks. I'm thinking I should be ok 3'-4' away from the exterior load bearing wall to replace the bottom plate, top plate, studs and rim joist. I'd like to make it 4' away from the wall so I can get a full sheet of plywood under the sole plate since the plywood is probably going to need replaced as well.

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    I did similar to this old house. A severe amount of carpenter ant damage to a rim joist (12 x 14) and quite a few floor joists...about 2 x somethings. House is about 150 years old, so dimensions are not current! Removed the floor and subfloor in the 1st floor bath where the issues were. We made jack posts from doubled 2x4's with osb sandwiched between. Set a bearing 2x6 across the 1st floor ceiling and put some bottle jacks beneath the jack posts on the basement floor. The jack posts were about every four foot for a 12 foot room. Raised the second floor enough to relieve the pressure on the compromised wall. That wall was also directly over the basement stair access. The jack posts were set back about three foot from the compromised wall. I would have preferred, like you, to have built a rim joist/floor joist set up first, then plate that with ply, then the stud wasn't in the cards for my application. I handled it by adding false rim joists stock between the new floor joists and adjacent to the new rim joist to set the ply on. My next step was to sister all the floor joists and replace those that were literally missing due to past ant damage.
    Hope this is a bit of help....and not too late....