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Ceiling textured with plaster...


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  • Ceiling textured with plaster...

    The ceiling in my kitchen is textured with drywall compound, primed and painted over. It was done twenty-six years ago, so the stuff is pretty solid. I'd like to have a smooth ceiling, but just scraping the stuff off hasn't worked so far. Our ceilings are already low - 7'-3" throughout the house - and the cabinets are flush to the ceiling, so I don't want to lose 1/2" by just covering it over with more drywall.

    As I see it, I have two options: find some way to scrape the stuff off, or remove the ceiling and replace it. Is there a tool beyond a putty knife, some power tool maybe? Working with drywall generally doesn't bother me, but replacing the ceiling would bring down insulation, dust, mouse droppings, and god knows what else.

    Any advice?
    Bill in Kansas City, MO

    Measure with a micrometer
    Mark with a crayon
    Cut with an axe.