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Is it mildew?


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  • Is it mildew?

    Hi, first time poster here.

    My house is a funky converted cabin in the woods, in a hot, humid climate. I’ve been in it about 5 years. Some of it was built by a professional, but a lot is DIY.

    Throughout the downstairs of the house I get this tan and brown spottiness on the drywall and on the painted wood trim. (Photos attached). It wipes off easily with a damp rag, but always comes back after a few months.

    It’s most prevalent around windows and door, but that includes interior doors. Oddly, it’s not that prevalent around the bathroom doors. Sometimes a few of the splotches will get pretty dark, but none ever get bigger than the diameter of a pencil (I wash them off, though, so maybe they wood if I left them long enough).

    Is it mildew? Something else? Is there a paint solution? Something else?


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    Yes, it is Mildew. Mildew is typically a grey, white, or light brown color and rests on the surface of a moist area. It has a powdery appearance and may be accompanied by a foul odor.

    Vinegar is a common household item that is accessible and effective in cleaning Mildew around the windowsill. But if this comes back again & again, then take a piece of advice from a Door/Window cleaning expert.