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New fence (stapled?)


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  • New fence (stapled?)

    Greetings all from Oregon, the shower me state (well, normally) Being new homeowners my wife and I hired a contractor to build a cedar fence through Home Depot around our back and side yard. The project went quickly and seemed okay after completion a couple of months ago. Mind you, working a 7 day work week I couldn't monitor the progress very well.
    Come last weekend I noticed a loose fence board. I got my hammer and a 1 1/2 nail to put it back in place and with the first hammer blow 4 more boards came loose. Peering down between the board and 2x4 I saw a tiny sliver of what looked to be a staple.
    I'm sorry if this sounds old school but I always thought having done fence repairs before that they, at a minimum were nailed together. Are staples the new practice in the contractor industry? What gives?
    I've been in touch with the young contractor and he's stopping by in the next week.

    Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid for your opinions.

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    No exterior fence should be "stapled", twist nails or screws (my preference) should have been used and they should be exterior use rated galvanized, stainless steel or exterior coated.
    Little about a lot and a lot about a little.
    Every day is a learning day.


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      Thanks so much Pushkins, I'm only a laborer at best when I was in this field, but it just didn't seem right. I'm hopeful this contractor and I can come to an agreement about this fix/upgrade.


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        agree with tubos