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piers set up/deck


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  • piers set up/deck

    I have poured the concrete piers for a fairly low deck -2 ft deep in ground 8 inches round in sono tub with the rebar ,temp has been around 60-75 with low humidity in Tn for 2 days.When can i start placing the weight of deck on the piers ..?

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    I was going to ask.....where are you located? piers usually go below the frost line so when it does get cold they don't shift.
    Oh, Tennessee I just spotted it.
    You can do it anytime now. Are you using post or beam hangers?


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      ive placed in concrete the supports for beam to go on .
      Is it a good idea to pour a little more around the base area and slope the concrete away from pier ?
      the top or the pier is only 3 or 4 inches above ground .


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        you're not gonna gain much by a skirt. I'd leave it alone. just put some crushed gravel around each post.


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          Ive already done that since this is a area i had to regrade and slope the water a certain direction .I had extra cement left over also..That helps with flowing on past the piers ,outside ones primarily since ground is flat at end ...


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            use stainless steel screws for your outside beams to the anchor brackets. use joist hangers with ss screws along your shortest span between the outside framing and ledger strip on house.