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Door stile split repair.

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  • Door stile split repair.

    I am trying to rejuvenate a weathered exterior wood panel side door. The door opens at ground level, so it is exposed to alot of rain and snow over the years. It has southern exposure to the sun. I removed the door to work on it. I trimmed off a 1/16th of an inch on the bottom to clean it up for painting. I noticed a lot of splitting in the endgrain on the hinge side stile. A split visible on the surface is about three inches long from the end. The stile is too stiff to spread the cracks to pour in some Titebond or epoxy.

    I would like to glue the splits together to stop the splits from growing. And I would like to seal up the bottom of the door, especially the endgrain parts of the stiles.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    use an epoxy glue and pipe clamps to squeeze the split together


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      Yeah epoxy glue should do the trick.