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Did my roofer mess up?

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  • Did my roofer mess up?

    I had some roof repair after the hurricane and I finally got a camera stand and managed to see what the roofer did. It looks like couple of shingles missing? (No leaks in the house btw).

    Also is the rafter suppose to be popping up like that where the dormer is?
    The repair was done in April. Can I still call the person and ask why is there shingles missing? We haven't had any extreme weather since then.

    Check the video.

    I can't post links

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    You definitely have a few tabs missing. Along the bottom row it looks like the tabs have been torn off possibly by wind. Along the edge there are a couple partial tabs missing that either were never installed or have also been since damaged. You either paid for a poor roofing repair job or damage has occurred since the repair was made.