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  • Fireplace repair

    Just bought the family home. Years ago my parents enclosed a one car garage turning it in to a den. Had a fireplace built in the area where the garage door was and an entrance door beside of it. Over the years the fireplace has separated away from the house. I am considering selling the home and this could be a factor. At this point what exactly do I need to do. Would this be a fairly simple repair perhaps with having someone put mortar around the cracks. Is this an expensive repair. Any input/ideas/suggestions will be appreciated.
    thank you.

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    Not sure either but would be curious too, my friend has exactly this issue.


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      when the fireplace was put in, there should have been some galvanized metal strips that are installed between the brick courses within the mortar tieing the structure to the house framing. Now, in absence of them there isn't much you can do at this point in time. The guy next to me had the contractor tear down a chimney twice because of poor workmanship. If the footing is solid and straight and plumb then the fireplace shouldn't tilt like the leaning tower of pisa. you might find something in a big box store that comes in a tube, applied with a caulking gun. just remember hydraulic cement expands, regular mortar shrinks.