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Cutting/trimming concrete


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  • Cutting/trimming concrete

    I just got a Ryobi AG 4531G angle grinder and some 4 1/2 masonry cut off discs. When I opened the angle grinder up, I see that they say to never us cut off or type 1 discs.
    I have a 7 1/2 inch circular saw I've been using to cut concrete ( a very sloppy foundation job that a local contractor did), but need to get into some tight corners that I thought an angle grinder would do.

    Will this not work? I'm ready to return the angle grinder if I can't use it for this.

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    A couple of things here.
    Check the thickness and composition of the cutoff disks. Make sure whatever holds the disk together is meant for concrete.
    Next, check maximum rpm-s. on the disk. You don't want the disk to explode on you when you're using it.
    Maybe it may be more worth it if you'd purchase a diamond cutoff blade for angle grinders. These are impregnated with diamond dust and have slots extending radially from the center.


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      Is this unique to Ryobi?


      it says to use only Type 27 depressed center wheels (recessed, or indented hubs) that fit into the recessed part of the arbor or spindle on the machine. "Never attach a Type 1 sraight or cut-off wheel..."

      Is this setup unique to Ryobi, or are they all like that?


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        Return it and get another brand, like previously mentioned you should be able to use a standard masonry disc. I have a couple that we use on a regular basis (Hitachi and Bosch) that we never have any problem with other than the shallow cutting ability with angle grinders.
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        Every day is a learning day.


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          Just remember those disks can explode. Also if you are getting into corners that guard is going to probably have to go. Personally I don't even have guards on any of mine just for that reason. What you do need though is a clear shield rather than safety glasses along with the usual ear muffs. When you tuck in a bit it protects your throat as well as your eyes and face. They don't fog up easily like safety glasses when you sweat hard either.