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Box Elder (house) beetles


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  • Box Elder (house) beetles

    Does anyone have any experience with Box Elder beetles in your vinyl siding? We have tens of thousands of them nesting in our siding. They are harmless, but annoying. I can't imagine trying to seal up vinyl siding with caulk... and getting my house sprayed with pesticides seems extreme since they are harmless.

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    Found this here answer on a box elder beetle page.
    We live in Niagara Region and were swamped with the Box Elder bugs and it took me quite some time to track down what they were. (Didn't find your site at the time I was looking) Someone suggested dish soap and hot water sprayed on them to kill them and boy, did that ever work! It was suggested that I use "Dawn" brand concentrate dish liquid, and I did, but when I ran out I just used Sunlight and that did the trick, also. It killed them (perhaps by suffocation?) and sure made the outside of the house smell nice. I don't know if you want to suggest this treatment to others, but we found it worked for us.
    Sincerely, Diane, St. Catharines, ON