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  • All new outside...

    We got hit with a pretty good hail storm last May. I made a claim (storm was catostrophic) and the adjuster came out. He just contacted me and said the total will be $14,500. He is going to send out a sheet with the break down. I am pretty sure a new roof and new siding will be done. I also had some damage on my window wraps, facia, and gutters but am not sure if that will be included. I was some opinions on colors and styles.

    Right now I had a AL white siding 8". I want to add some color, what do you recommend? What style D4, D5? I don't want AL again, vinyl would be nice, especially if I can get .055". What about Harding/masonite?

    My roof is 3 tab light green. What color and style do you recommend for the new one? I live in Bloomington (right outside of Minneapolis) MN.

    If I get new window wraps, again what is the recommendation?

    If I get new gutters I will try and get seamless.

    Here is a pic of my boring exterior as is...

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    Color and style

    That is a nice house don't you know eh!

    Color and style is very personal - go to a siding distributer and ask them for their color wheel, then hold up various choices next to your house or deck or whatever features aren't changing.

    Have fun!


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      House colors...

      Nice looking place, DK. Sorry to hear about the damage. I'd run some copies of that as you have it and use color pencils to shade the trim, walls and even roof. Do several and take into account family opinions. A lot can be derived from that. I've done houses with the 8" board and don;t care for it. The majority are double 4", but I did do one with triple 3" and I really, really liked it! Take a pic of the house only, so it would be larger and then line in (based on the eight inch board existing) what would be 3" spaces. Then shade with a color you'd like. Don't put the new lines in real heavy, just to give the 'image', just like what's in the photo.
      Roof-wise I am partial to the architectural shingles. And also to do the overlap system at the valleys rather than the seam split.


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        capt bob and patriotic - posting is older then three years. I doubt the OP even knows you answered his post.


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          Aw, gees...

          Aw, gees....I chumped into one of these postings again!! Dang. Thanks, Hayzee. Wish I was as observant....