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Rust free concrete fasteners


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  • Rust free concrete fasteners

    I need to fasten a 3/4 inch PVC trim board to a poured concrete basement wall. Since this will be on the exterior of the house I want to avoid rusting of the fastener. The previous pressure treated board fell off when the concrete nails rusted and broke off. I was considering using Tapcon screws and counter sinking the heads and filling with a paintable epoxy. I know the Tapcons will rust at some point Does anyone know of a stainless steel concrete fastener?

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    Hi Venkman,

    Could you go with all epoxy and no fastener? Seems the only thing that might work. I'd love to see a picture of it, is it a PVC baseboard? Or is it something that will be load bearing?


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      I could do that but I have no way to exert a good amount of pressure against the board while the adhesive cures except weights leaning against it.. I've tried one brand of construction adhesive but it came off the concrete. I may try PL. I don't have any photos right now.


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        Plenty of stainless fasteners for this. I'd drill an over sized hole and use plastic expansion anchors for the stainless attachers.....being prone to overkill I'd even consider smearing the anchors with a thick epoxy before setting them in the holes. Maybe even doping the holes first.