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Stripped gear new problem


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  • Stripped gear new problem

    Hey guys and gals. Recently had a stripped gear on my opener. I ordered the gear and replaced it with much trouble I might add. So i have a new problem now. When I press the button the trolley/carriage moves about a foot then stops and goes back. Any idea what might be causing this as I have no clue. This opener has the block sensors that stops the door if something is blocking but nothing is in the way. THanks for any help.

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    Garage door reversing problem

    Did you get the problem sorted out? Is it a chain drive, or 'tape' drive, or belt drive, or....?


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      you may need to adjust the sensitivity settings, found near the wiring to the motor. Or you could have bad photo eyes. Most motors like yours have a LED light near the learn button that will blink 1-7 times to give you an idea of what might be the problem, check for that and let me know how many blinks before it pauses and starts again.


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