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  • Just a repaint?

    Ok so I moved into a home recently and have been doing catch-up on its repairs. Sadly I got to the garage door to late it seems. Went to go open the garage one morning and it sound like something sheared int he opener. Took a closer look at the door since I've been manually opening it and it has a slight bow in the middle of a couple of the panels. This door was put in likely when the house was built in 1978.

    So is this something I can sand prime and paint and get a new opener installer and be alright? or is this a sign that its time to lift this winter and buy a new door in the spring?

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    aluminum or wooden door?


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      its a wood garage door. Likely over 20 years old. The cost of purchasing a new once so far has got me down. Money is tight after redoing the living room and new nursery, its a 16 * 8 door


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        You will probably save money in the long run by just getting a new door. The amount of time and effort you will put into fixing a 20 year old door isn't worth it. (especially a wooden door subject to rot/moisture)

        You will probably spend $250-350 fixing the springs and opener and getting the door back in adjustment. Not to mention repainting etc.

        DEF get a new metal door!

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