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Liftmaster Will Not Stay Shut


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  • Liftmaster Will Not Stay Shut

    Hi All!

    I have a 1/3 h.p. Liftmaster and lately I cannot keep the garage door in the closed position. I can open it and it will stay open but when I click the button to close, it goes down and then right back up again!

    The two sensors are lit and showing green. The spring is fairly new. I have tried to adjust the tension buttons from 1 to 9, but it does not seem to matter, since the garage door will shut and then automatically open back up again no matter what combination I select!

    I can click it or hit the button on the wall and it will stop in the middle or 2/3 near the bottom, but won't stay in the fully closed position.

    Any ideas?


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    -Adjust the forces & limits
    -Lube the door
    -check photo eyes

    Check the spring tension (the door should balance half way up in the opening when disconnected from the opener) If it doesn't it is not balanced correctly.

    Push and hold down the wall control button in your garage - if holding down the button until the door hits the floor works then you have an issue with the eye sensors for sure (or forces/limits switch)

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      This is definitely exactly what I'm experiencing. On the eye sensors one of the lights goes off when I put my foot in front of it but the other one stays lit all the time. Is it a bad eye sensor or is there add'l troubleshooting that I should do?

      Any help you could provide would be awesome.


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        Safety Sensors

        Sometimes the safety sensors are not mounted securely enough and the vibrations from the door moving trips the sensors. Make sure they are snug and out of direct sunlight.


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          To Scott: I suspect the down travel limit (not force) needs adjustment. It is attempting to close the door down too low (into the floor) which is impossible; it reverses directions because it senses an obstruction (the floor). Adjust the down travel limit to make the door stop a couple of inches above the floor, then gradually adjust it lower and lower (doing a complete open/close cycle) until it fully closes.
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