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Genie door binding as it opens/closes


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  • Genie door binding as it opens/closes

    My garage door has started binding as it opens, and intermittently as it closes. The door has never failed to open or close, but it's just a matter of time until it does. The system is a drive-screw type, and the carraige binds as it passes two spots on the screw that seem to be junctions. The junctions don't have threaded grooves like the rest of the screw drive. It should be noted that both springs were replaced 6 months ago. I have tried WD40, but that has only helped drop grease onto my wife's car. Opps.

    Is there something simple that could be causing this, or do I need to go ahead and call out a garage door company?

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    It should be noted that if I disengage the carriage from the screw-drive, the door will open and close without snagging or binding.


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      WD40 do not help in the Genie screw drive openers. It's a 3 piece rail and you say it's binding when it passing the joints. Your springs are good and opener worked fine so far.
      So when you say binding, does it STOP at the joints with a short hum or a ratcheting sound?
      If you have a ratcheting sound, like grinding gears, the carriage is worn out and need replacement with a new Genie Carriage.
      If the opener has a short hum and really LOUD when it's operating, the motor bushings are worn out and you will need the opener replaced.
      You can try to adjust the up and down force(the two small black dials on the right under the light cover) just a couple minutes at the time.


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        The motor sounds normal during operation. The sound is almost like the rails are misaligned and the carriage is running into a protruding edge. I saw here about using a lithium lube, do you think that might help?


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          Hmmm, I guess the motors aren't meant to be opened and closed repeatedly. I blew out the 70 MFD capacitor on the motor. I do air conditioning work, so I replaced it with a 440v capacitor. But thecarriage continues to bind dead center when it passes the screw connections. I covered the screw and carriage with axle lube, but still binding/snagging.


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            I found a video on youtube where the guy was having my exact same issue. He replaced the carriage, and it solved the issue. Apparently, the small screw section inside the carriage has stripped. I have ordered it (and the capacitor i blew out), and hopefully that resolves the problem.


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              This might get a little complicated, the Genie opener you have is a DIY the home owner install at some point and it has a lot of small parts. Inside the rail, the screw itself is made up of 3 pieces connected to each other it with a slide collar and a clip(see pic), if one or the other are missing or both that will misalign the screw and it can bind up inside the rail. Clean out the connections to see if collar and clip are install correct.

              Do NOT use bearing grease to lube the screw drive, it's toooo tacky and can make it impossible for the opener to turn over = overheat + blow capacitor.
              Low Temp Grease or lithium grease, not the spray, but tube.