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Need New Garage Door Opener

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  • Need New Garage Door Opener

    My garage door opener is starting to break (I would press the door open button, but garage door will not open). I have been to Home Depot to buy several garage door openers, but each one was not compatible with my garage door. These new openers are 'smart' and would not sync with my older garage door motor. My motor is about 20 years old. I am wondering where should what should I look for when purchasing a new door opener? Note that I am from Canada.

    Image of current garage door opener: imgur .com/2xQquuf

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    It look like a 62LM remote. HomeDepot and Lowes sell universal Clicker remotes or you can order a LiftMaster universal remote 375LM , both has the dip switches inside as your old remote. If you like a remote as you have 62LM look around and check out eBay.


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      Yeah just get a replacement on ebay or even amazon.


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        get a liftmaster, great opener.. no problems