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Overhead Garage Door Opener Failure

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  • Overhead Garage Door Opener Failure

    Hello, first time posting...

    My Overhead Garage Door Opener (brand), Model456, recently failed to operate properly. I was wondering if anyone could giveme some troubleshooting advice.

    My observations:

    Upon initial failure the garage door opener failed to open the garage doorcompletely, stopping at the 1/2 way mark, yet the opener continued to make amotorized sound, as if operating properly. During this time the chain failed tomove.

    I disengaged the garage door opener from the garage door to see if the chainwould operate independently from the door. Upon pressing the open/close buttonon the wall the opener makes a motorized sound, as if operating property, yetthe chain doesn't move at all, in either direction.

    Upon reconnecting the garage door opener to the door the garage door the door lurchesa foot in either direction, then stops, the garage door opener proceeds with agrinding sound, as if operating appropriately, without any motion from thechain.

    I pulled up on the garage door to see if assistance was needed to get the doorup, but the garage door remained locked in position.

    I've cleaned the sensors, which appear to be fine.

    I've unplugged the garage door opener for a few minutes to see if plugging itback in would re-boot the electronics. This didn't work.

    I hand tested the garage door for tension. The spring appears to be workingproperly. The weight is somewhat smooth throughout the motion and the doorstays in place when released in full open position.

    I would assume the gear wheel sheered, as my research indicates this is aregular problem with garage door openers, but that wouldn't explain why thegarage door opener lurches forward/backward a foot before failure once the dooris re-attached to the garage door opener/chain.

    Any idea what the problem could be?

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Overhead 456

    The problem is exactly as you stated - the drive gear is stripped.
    Sometimes it would still have a little "meat" left and would move the door intermittently.

    If you take the cover off, you would probably notice a bunch of white plastic dust and a stripped drive gear.
    The gear (or the entire gear-sprocket assembly) can be replaced by your local garage door service company, or even by yourself, as this is a fairly easy repair.



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      If the gear has a "flat" spot = missing teeth. Yes then it will go a little before failing. The 456 is not any new opener so this might be the time to upgrade.
      PS I would not by a Genie or Overhead Door product as replacement.


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        Thanks for the assistance! Very much appreciated!

        Is there anything I could have done to cause the gear to sheer, or just something that happens with prolonged use? I What brand(s) do you guys recommend? Any on the market with metal gear wheels? Plastic seems like a poor choice.

        Thanks again!


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          The gear wear out, in my opinion is a normal wear thing. Some last longer than others, but i will say it should last +8 years. The easier and smoother your door operate the less wear and tear on your opener, if you think the door is hard to open/close by hand, so will the opener. Don't think I ever replaced the gear on a 456, most it's LiftMaster, Craftsman and Chamberlain chain drive openers when the grease drys up and no lubrication. Not saying they are bad openers, but it's probably a more cost efficient way to do it. Half the time we do a gear/sprocket rebuild it's a bad gear, half the time it's the bushings in the assembly that worn out. Some of the DC openers has an enclosed gear box with the lubrication in it, I have yet to see any wear damage on them. If you go and buy an opener your self, I will get Craftsman or Chamberlain, if you call a door company get a LiftMaster. They all 3 made by the Chamberlain Group.


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            The door

            I can't thank you guys for all the help.

            One more quick note. I 'think' the garage door operates properly/smoothly. There is some resistance, but not too much. It isn't effortless, nor do I have to put a lot of effort into getting the door up, but I'm not sure what kind of resistance would be considered optimal. I read on one site the resistance shouldn't be more than 5 lbs. That's difficult for me to gauge. Are there other ways to test if the garage door isn't providing too much resistance? I don't want the new garage door opener to experience unneccessary resistance.

            Thanks again!


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              It's much easier to notice a difference in applied forces rather than gauge the weight. Try to open and close the door all the way by hand. Does it require a little more force to open than to close?
              If you open the door half way and let go, does it stay stationary?

              If it's 'yes' for both - your door is probably fine.


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                Tested Garage Door

                I tested the door and it rolls smoothly for the majority of the track, but has some additional tension at one specific point. The tension is brief, yet noticable. It happens when the second panel from the top proceeds up the bend in the track.

                When I roll the door 3/4 of the way up and let go it holds position. When it's 1/4 of the way up it holds position. When at the 1/2 way point it rolls down a bit.

                Upon inspection I remembered the door would shimmy / wobble a bit when the garage door opener was operating, something that began a month or so before the garage door opener failed. I assume this means there was excessive strain on the track/tracks, but I am unaware of any change in the condition of the tracks/door/roller wheels that would cause this.

                Thanks for all the advice!


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                  I will say that your door are ok balance, not prefect, but close enough to where you don't need a door tech out to adjust the spring/s.
                  You said the door "shimmy/wobble" at some point when operating, take a very close look at the sections on the center and in between the sections. If you see any black lines, that can be cracks in the door and that can make it wobble.


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                    Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

                    Originally posted by kugar13 View Post
                    Thanks for the assistance! Very much appreciated!

                    Is there anything I could have done to cause the gear to sheer, or just something that happens with prolonged use? I What brand(s) do you guys recommend? Any on the market with metal gear wheels? Plastic seems like a poor choice.

                    Thanks again!

                    If your replacement of the wheels doesn't work you may have to replace your garage door opener. In this case I would recommend liftmaster.