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Can't Re-Engage Trolley


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  • Can't Re-Engage Trolley

    I just moved into a home that has a Liftmaster Pro 2 HP opener. The motor, track/chain, everything functions smoothly, except that I can't re-engage the trolley (it was already disengaged upon move-in). I believe it's stuck in the lockout position (can't post URL -- "lockout" prevents the trolley from re-engaging during operation, and is achieved by pulling down and back at about a 45 degree angle with the red handle), and despite everything, the lever won't budge. I haven't applied much force to it, but have sprayed it with WD-40, checked screws/fasteners, etc. -- won't move a milimeter. It should be relatively easy (i.e. pull down on the red handle according to the manual) to return the lever from lockout position so that it locks into the carriage, but no matter how I try to manipulate the lever, up, down, it's completely stuck.

    Any ideas on how I could fix this, or should I just look into getting a new trolley?


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    Both are upside down, both are locked into the inner trolley. Guess you have the one to the left, if the small spring on the lever are missing, it will not lockin, but the lever can be moved freely.
    The liftMaster trolley is very well made and it's rare I see any problems with them.
    Look closely for damage as some try to fix it with a hammer or pry bar, that can for sure give you problems. If the door is very heavy or people keep operating the door with a broken spring I have seen the rail cut through the side of the inner trolley and can jam the rest.


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      We sell the complete trolly assembly for about $18 if you decide to replace it.